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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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today. we sent our nbc10 news team all over the region to show you the progress of this cleanup. >> our team coverage begins with doug shimell, where officials have declared a state of emergency, doug. >> it is because of all the damage like the house you see behind me belonging to the woodward family with electricity out, you have folks like the owner saying he spent the night sitting in his chair in his drive way guarding his property, that is going to be a similar scenario for a lot of the businesses throughout brookhaven with no power or alarm systems tonight. >> grace church of god bent but it didn't break. the power polls did, leaving much of brookhaven and its business district without electricity, forcing police to guard against break-ins. >> we have extra guys on we're running the streets with lights. the power is out. >> generators are the new survival kits now that delaware county says peco will not be
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handing out dry ice to preserve food. if you were lucky, the tree missed your house. >> i was looking out that window right there, and i see the tree going back and forth, back and forth. the next thing i know the thing starts coming toward me i took off running out the front door. >> everywhere there were traffic jams. brookhaven in delaware county declared a state of emergency. >> the reason for it is if there's money to be available and state aide to make it available to the municipalities that were struck. we want it to be in place. >> of course that is the key thing. once the damage to john's house is at least assessed the question becomes a negotiation with all the storm victims. what isn't covered beyond that that is getting into the emergency declaration status attempts to free up some money to help a lot of these victims. live in brookhaven, doug shimell. nbc10 news.
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>> let's take a look at the huge task facing power crews across the region. more than 128,000 peco customers are without power in new jersey. pse aefrn g is reporting nearly 39,000 customers. ac electric says more than 167,000 customers are in the dark. in delaware nearly 14,000 delmarva customers in new castle county are without power. our team coverage continues now with nbc10's matt de lucia. >> he's joining us to give us a bird's eye view of the storm damage. >> we're high above here you're talking about those poweroutages. a big cause of that would be downed trees. this is right by caster you see a large tree right here on the south, it's actually on multiple houses here we have row homes in this area. and we also have a lot of crews out here on the roadways trying to clean up all this damage. we've seen some of these tree trimming crews and cleanup crews
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throughout the area this afternoon, you can see right now, there's a big limb right out here on caster area that still needs to be cleaned up, you see some of that police tape around there as well. making sure drivers don't run into that area here. a lot of these trouble spots we saw even this morning, driving around in delaware county tree limbs all laying across the roadways, you see some of the utility crews like this one right here driving down the road. and just off to the right here you can see where some of this traffic is being diverted on to orthodoxed street here this road is impassable at this point. earlier we were over in camden county, over voer he's we saw some of those tree limbs on the side streets there as well. we're seeing the same kind of thing throughout this area you have a lot of these trees, a lot of brush in this area that is causing a lot of damage you have these trees resting on the power lines or worse yet, they're resting on the homes themselves. we haven't heard too many reports of any injuries in this
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particular area this right here, this is going to take a while to clean up. we're going to continue flying here in sky force 10 trying to look at all the damage throughout the area again philadelphia not hit as hard as some of the suburban counties and those in new jersey camden and gloucester counties we're going to continue surveying and touring the damage for now, we're live in sky force 10. >> we've been receiving countless tweets and e-mails from people who don't have power, hundreds of thousands of them. how often are you seeing utility crews on the ground? i know you pointed out the one truck. >> we have seen a lot of the utility crews out here they are continuing to do work, we're seeing them pretty much sporadically, it's really where you see those trees down. those are the areas that they really have to get cleaned up first. before they can restore power, you have a lot of these trees that are resting on power lines, they have to get the tree limbs off those lines to get those lines back up and repaired. right down here i can't really see too much if they're resting
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on any power lines at this point. this tree appears to be lying in the street and on top of this home here, really these peco crews are really stretched, in because you had earlier this morning, well over 100,000 customers without power, in philadelphia and surrounding areas. pse&g, atlantic electric they've had 34re7bty of outages as well many you have these crews stretched thin trying to get the power restored. we're getting a lot of reports of people who do not have power. i'm looking at the peco outage map right now, in philadelphia there are 2500 customers that don't have power at this point. there's a lot more work to be done and a lot more cleanup effort here at this point in northeast flds at caster avenue and adams avenue. this is just a snapshot of what we've been seeing throughout the area this morning and afternoon. >> a long road ahead, matt la lucia, thank you. all this damage we're seeing here, is causing a lot of problems during the morning
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commute. how about the ride home? >> let's check in with jessica. >> we're seeing a lot of residual delays due to the storms last night. we're dealing with a lot of traffic lights out and malfunctioning malfunctioning, one in berlin and root 30 vineyard road. washington township route 42. around greentree road and voorhees voorhees, much more as well. pay attention to the police activity activity. we have a fallen tree blocking both directions. as for mass transit, we're seeing some delays for the media/elwyn line that's still suspended. new jersey transit is suspended between atlantic city and philadelphia. patco is resumed and it will be on a special schedule until midnight tonight. we can't forget about our majors and what's going on right now. a 28 minute drive time if you're headed westbound on the schuylkill expressway about right behind it headed eastbound toward the center city area 27
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minutes. back to you guys. >> the storms also left behind a lot of damage in wilmington. a tree landed on a century old house at 21st and harrison causing serious damage to the back of the home. he got the bads news while at work. >> my wife tested me to say the back portion of my home was ripped apart. you know trying to get home as soon as possible. just kind of in shock. >> the homeowner's wife is pregnant and she was in the house at the time fortunately, she's fine today. >> that's just one example of damage a falling tree could cause. >> reporter: you don't want to add more heartache to your already mounting headaches, we have some details for you. i want to show you what happened here, it was a gigantic tree that fell on top of that house, damaging that roof. this guy, he did get the right contractor.
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>> at dozens of locations work crews are sawing chopping and lifting debris from today's storm. something this owner always feared could happen. >> i feared it may kill me in my sleep one day. >> how did you pick the place you picked to come out here and to take this stuff down for you? >> i got a mailer from them. >> the company he chose has 20 years of experience. but even that company's owner advises you to do more than just read a mailer. >> you have to look up reviews, bbb. i mean you have to know the company, of what they can do you don't want anybody off the street. >> the same advice the bbb gives. >> be careful, right now, there are going to be wolves preying out there. >> andy good says there are
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three major don'ts when picking a contractor. >> don't yield to high pressure. don't pay in advance, and don't pay in cash. use a credit card. >> always check out the company's license and insurance. make sure you have a contract. and if they say they're local, make sure they're local. >> if you're suspicious ask the contractor for a copy of his driver's license. >> things could have been worse. he says by law, he just like everyone else is responsible for the trees on their property. >> trees are beautiful, but if they're damaged you don't take care of them that's your responsibility. >> it's taken a few hours for this operation out here to clear the tree -- there's a lot more work to go. it's going to be getting far more contractors to deal with their roof. and other damage was done to that property. if someone is walking around knocking on doors looking for your business. that's because they are not getting hired.
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if it sounds too good to be true true, well, it is. >> thank you very much. you can call today, the calm after the storm. >> you can't. sheena parveen is here the storms are gone so is the heat. it's pretty outside. >> i think today makes up for what we had yesterday. at least a little bit. the skies are mostly sunny today, the humidity is much lower, makes it feel really comfortable outside. here's a look at lake wall and paupack. we have beautiful conditions today, so yes, what you could call it is the calm after the storm. we have more storms in the forecast for part of the area for tomorrow. right now, they're approaching chicago. it's not a major weather system in terms of the size it's not very large. but for parts of the area it looks like we could see the impact of that later during the day tomorrow. as for the rest of your evening, by 6:00 p.m. temperatures in
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the mid to low 80s, still sunny nice and dry across the area. by 8:00 tonight, still nice and clear, temperatures around 81 degrees. it's going to feel comfortable tonight into tomorrow. temperatures right around 77 degrees. mostly clear skies. some changes tomorrow for part of the area then even bigger changes as we go into the weekend. i'll show you the rain chances coming up. >> if you at home know someone who's power is still out. nbc10 and comcast are here to help plug in and power up. anyone could recharge their phone, tablet or computer go to the nbc10 news app, find out the location nearest them and let them know. our team coverage continues, many people think a tornado caused all this damage. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is on that case. firefighters rushed to the
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rescue after a fallen tree traps a man in his car. what dzhokhar tsarnaev said to his victims in court.
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an apology today from the boston bomber.
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for the first time tsarnaev said he's sorry for taking lives and causing suffering to victims and their families. a judge sentenced tsarnaev to death for the marathon bombing that killed three people and injured hundreds more. witness after witness lashed out at tsarnaev in court today for his cowardly and disgusting acts. a pastor and state senator killed in the charleston church massacre will lie in state. the casket carrying clementa pinckney's body was one of nine people killed last week. a prayer service for the charleston victims was held at lasalle university. members of the community gathered outside at our lady of lords got toe to read scripture for those who died. it's day 19 and the man hunts for two escaped killers in
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northern new york state. state police say they won't quit until david sweat and richard matt are captured. sources close to the investigation say the convicts were seen at a remote hunting cabin. leaving food and underwear behind. more than 1,000 officers are involved in this search. the nation's top railroad regulator says she'll enforce a deadline to install safety equipment that could have prevented may's deadly amtrak derailment in port richmond. positive train control will be in place by december 31st. the technology can slow or stop a train to abort an accident like the one that killed 9 people and injured 200 others. >> we are checking on the conditions of two children and two adults. two other people were in the house as well but not taken to the hospital. it isn't clear what the source of that leak was.
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big cleanup continues across south jersey. straight line winds flipped a car and peeled off layers of siding. i believe it snapped photos of a funnel cloud in the sky. the national weather service says there was no tornado. the roof is now lying in a parking lot. >> they called us, they said the doors are flying all over the place. >> made a u-turn. >> service went on as normal even after wind ripped apart a portion of the roof at this friendly's restaurant. let's go back live to our crews in the field. 3,000 people still don't have electricity. randy gillen hal got a closer look at the impact of all these outages. >> randy?
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the impact is pretty clear along this stretch of u.s. one. you can see trees and power lines down along this entire stretch. that means that side of the road is shut down. you see all those cars they were driving by when the storm rolled through about this time yesterday. they had to abonn dan their cars and walk home. >> the cars have been abandoned here for so many hours. the fallen trees doing a number on the car &?Ƨrdealership. crushing brand new vehicles. >> it is massive, i think most of the roots and everything broke out of the ground. >> here in northeast philly a century old tree fell on to this home to people inside escaping by just a few feet. the owners of this car also very lucky they were driving when a branch fell on their windshield. witnesses say they barely made it out.
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>> this car got hit, just passing through. >> reinforcements are coming some 500 workers from ohio kentucky and new york will help out peco. peco says it could take until friday to get most customers back online. >> power crews have been working around the clock at its peak. at least for peco a quarter million of their customers lost power. it's about 5:30 here on u.s. one. usually this is very busy. only one lane is moving the cars remain stranded and the road is completely full of debris. it may be a while before this opens up too. >> it will be a lot of traffic out there. thank you very much. >> one storm victim is recovering tonight. >> these life saving tools to help a man who was trapped, sent us these photos of the rescue effort. that's where a tree fell on to a car trapping a man inside. they used chainsaws and the jaws
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of life to free him. and it's a much different weather story tonight. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with a look. >> much better today than it was yesterday. and we are talking about lower humidity too, which makes it feel more comfortable outside. for tonight we will stay nice and dry, no storms in the forecast tonight. and through most of the day tomorrow. comfortable weather for the next 12 to 24 hours. we have the thunderstorm threat as we go later in the day tomorrow. this is mostly going to be for delaware, that's going to be the biggest threat through the areas. we show you that in a second. we're talking about a rainy and cool pattern setting up for us from the poconos all the way to the shore. right now in allentown, 71 degrees. 85 in philadelphia. much of south jersey and delaware mid to low 80s and very comfortable with that humidity. crystal clear skies through much of the area we've been seeing plenty of sunshine today, makes
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up at least in part for yesterday's bad weather. locally on the radar, we barely have any cloud cover, if we look off to our west had is going to be our next round of storms for tomorrow. i don't think everyone will see the strong storms, it's a pretty small weather system. it could be powerful for some of us when it gets here. here's a severe risk. this is for tomorrow later in the day, a slight risk of those severe storms where you see the yellow shaded area. that's for delaware mostly kent and sussex county. with any strong storms 60 mile an hour winds, lightning, rain and hail similar to what we saw yesterday. that's going to be confined to a smaller portion of the area tomorrow. nice and dry, comfortable overnight to start your morning commute. even by lunchtime tomorrow i don't think we'll have any storms around just yet. but you may notice more clouds moving in. by 6:00 7:00 8:00 in the evening.
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south jersey delaware that so far looks like the best chance for any storms to be brewing. then we go into friday. and this pattern really sticks around. at least with the clouds and the scattered showers. into the weekend the pattern continues and going into saturday. we have more rain heading our way. some of this will start in the morning and some will linger as we go into your sunday. mostly clear and comfortable, 66 for the low in philadelphia. 57 degrees, areas north and west. tomorrow, sunshine moving over to increasing clouds. late day thunderstorms, 83 to 86 degrees for the high temperature. if you're heading to the shore this weekend like i mentioned, we have a rainy pattern setting up, this is going to stretch all the way to the shore. for saturday it looks like we're going to have more rain in the forecast, mid-70s sunday showers around. we could see late day clearing sunday. so far, the weekend looks cool as well. temperatures in the low 70s, by next week we get back into the 80s. a poisoning problem.
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why one product has parents calling 911 nor help every hour. live in sky force 10, we're surveying the damage touring the area from last night's storm, we're heading out to delaware county one of the hardest hit areas, we're going to have that next.
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new numbers could be alarming for parents who use those laundry bods. more than 32,000 calls have been made to poison control centers since 2012 for kids getting into the laundry packets. they're often colorful they can look like candy to a kid.
5:26 pm
an urgent call to 911 happens every hour for a child that has eaten laundry detergent at least once a day a child is hospitalized. >> young children are explorers and they like to put everything in their mouths. liquid laundry packets can either dissolve on wet fingers or dissolve when they're put into the mouth. >> manufacturer's have already changed the packets to make it less appealing to kids. they also recommend keeping those pods in a sealed container out of the reach of small children. >> cleaning up in delaware county. more on the storm damage.
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sky force 10 live over delaware county. you can see the utility crews, woulding in brookhaven. severe storms have left widespread damage all across the area. >> let's check in with deanna durante, she's getting a look at the damage in delaware county. >> a number of people were in their basements or leaving their homes last night. at 4:00 we showed you tree crews
5:30 pm
cutting down trees, being able to make paths here. we're told they will be back tomorrow to begin removing the trees from these rooftops. >> i saw some branches falling through the window and i told my boys to run to the basement. why mom? run to the basement. we grabbed our pets went down and a few minutes later there was a big boom. she's grateful neither was on the second floor of her house. >> we just prayed that everything would be okay and our family was safe. >> soaking wet floors and crumbling ceilings, the house could be fixed. the family is preparing to be out for quite some time. her neighbors next door are prepping for major work after trees came crashing into the houses here last night. not far away in another hard hit area, chainsaws tore through what was torn down. in streets, drive ways and rooftops. restoration workers are looking to salvage what they can from
5:31 pm
the home. >> i feel lucky, it's things that probably need to be taken care of anyway. >> despite a tree smashing on to a car in lower merion the driver walked away injury free. in a summer relying on generators for a little power, they know things could have been worse. >> we'll get through it. >> lucky, that's a word we've heard a lot of today. montgomery county says during the storm there were more than 4,000 calls to the 911 center no injuries here in this area. and we can tell you to protect streets like these, upper merion police tell us they will have increased patrols throughout the area tonight. deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> our team coverage continues with mitch blocker with the latest from burlington county. >> reporter: scenes like this are the norm on our way out to medford township we saw dozens of road closures 20,000 people
5:32 pm
are being reported without power. some trying to clean up their yards as the day progresses. >> as soon as i got home, like -- everything just exploded. >> that's how it felt for steve, who showed us his yard in medford township. we caught up with him as he cleared his yard. >> i've been working trying to get all this stuff cleared up. i'm having a problem with my saw. i was cutting the branches by hand. >> one of the other problems is cell service has been out since the storm swept through there. 4,000 people without power as the cleanup continues. reporting from burlington county new jersey mitch glocker, nbc10 news. >> sky force 10 got a look at the damage in brookhaven delaware county. the community declared a state of emergency in order to be eligible for state money. several trees that were knocked down and some homes were damaged. matt de lucia is in that same area. >> you have been inspecting damage from the sky all
5:33 pm
afternoon, where are you in brookhaven? >> we are right over the main drag here in brookhaven let's give you a look down here this is the most serious damage that we've seen. i believe doug shimell is down there on the ground right now. we see one of our trucks out there, we saw his live shot earlier from the ground at this point. here is a look from the air. you can see part of this house taken out by this giant tree. this again, one of the more serious that we've seen we've seen a lot of tree limbs, trunks laying on roadways on the side of roadways this one taking out part of that house here. let's pan over to the right here, we've been seeing a lot of damage throughout this area delaware county has been one of the hardest hit areas. i'm checking with peco right now, more than 61,000 customers here in delaware county do not have power at this hour. right over here off to the center of your screen you can see some of the power crews working, we gave you that live
5:34 pm
shot a few minutes ago. they're trying to get these power lines restored. we have trees resting on power lines earlier. i was in this area earlier this morning, just driving around we were trying to find a place to stop to get something quick to eat. all the stores and all the businesses had no power, likewise with all the homes, we heard a lot of generators running. this area really hit hard earlier this morning as a result of that storm last night, but again these crews are working to get this power back up and running. a lot of the tree trimming crews out here are trying to shave off some of these limbs to more manageable sizes to get them off. right over here you see this person's backyard he's got a giant tree right there, right by this play dwroun ground. no one was around there at the time. look how close it came to that playground right there, we've got a lot of damage or cleanup still going on here in delaware county.
5:35 pm
>> just scary to see how close that playground was. thank you. sky force 10 was over greenwich, gloucester county. winds from the storm ripped the roof off the barn there. take a look at this. elsewhere in the community damage could be seen at a strip mall. debris damage to the roof was scattered all across the parking lot. let's go to glenn hurricane schwartz. live in mantua township with a first look at the damage. >> earlier glenn looked at downed trees to see if there was any sign they were knocked down by a tornado. >> glenn, earlier, just as jackie pointed out, you pointed to evidence of straight line winds. is that still the case here? >> yes, it is. everywhere across the county we took storm force 10 for two hours, driving everywhere didn't find any significant damage of a tornado. winds can cause a lot of damage. this is a brand new subdivision,
5:36 pm
it looks like it's beautifully built, nice and expensive. and yet this property is condemned, why? this is the garage. how flimsy is that? look how light it is. so the garage is the weak spot. the wind finds the weak spot of the house, it comes in through the garage and it blew out this wall. so you think, oh, a tornado had to do that. a 60 mile an hour wind couldn't do that. look at all these houses the siding is torn up. we have one tree after another after another, it's a straight line wind. if it was a tornado we would have a 30 mile wide tornado or 200 different tornados. we've had damage like this over 8, 9, 10 different counties. straight line winds. >> which is hard for a lot of people to believe. you were saying earlier, you
5:37 pm
were talking to so many residents out there, they have a hard time believing this was not a tornado. you say straight line winds, i know you're trying to convince them of that. >> right, and it's not going to make a difference in your insurance claims. for example, it wouldn't make a difference if the storm was a hurricane or not, that affects the policy. but if you're covered for wind damage, you're covered for all kinds of wind damage. and some places get more damage than others. it has to do with local wind patterns, and with trees, the most vulnerable go too. >> you're going to see damage. it's quite humbling out there, glenn, thank you very much. sheena. >> it was straight line wind damage winds up to 85 miles per hour in that storm with all the
5:38 pm
damage. we have nice changes in the forecast for the rest of tonight. more changes, storms on the way for part of the area tomorrow. even bigger weekend changes. we'll talk about that coming up.
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welcome back. you at home were part of the nbc10 news team last night showing us the destruction left behind the violent storms. let's take a look at some of the images you shared. we're going to begin in southwest philadelphia where a telephone pole landed on this school bus. this neighborhood is still in the dark. here is 15 minutes of lightning strikes along the delaware river around 6:00 last night. jay set up all of these. he set up a tripod and combined them into one. this is a scary image. this tree impaled melissa's house in thorndale yesterday afternoon. you can see it went right through a bean bag chair.
5:41 pm
they rode out the storm safely in the basement. we have a new angle of the tractor-trailer we brought to you yesterday. this is along i-95 in chester. the 70 plus mile per hour winds toppled the truck right there in the highway in front of them. here's an example of the winds glenn hurricane schwartz was talking about. the corn stalks bowed to the wind's fury last night in east fallowfield fallowfield. here's what it looks like in eric's neighborhood in philadelphia. at least two large trees on the ground blocking the street. keith and jacqueline? back to you. >> thank you very much vince. tap on the nbc10 news app for your smart phone or tablet.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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a dream come true for a group of philadelphia leaders visiting the vatican. >> they got an unexpected meeting with the pope. they sat in the front row in st. peter's square. something happened that never was officially on the schedule. take a look a personal greeting from pope francis. the pope took a photo and shook hands. chris cato talked to one city
5:45 pm
leader who was so moved it brought her to tears. >> i met the pope he blessed the rosaries and i'm going to go home. if god took me today, i would be thoroughly peaceful and happy. it's just exciting i don't know how to describe it any other way than to say i am blessed totally. >> this is the hand that shook the hand? >> this is the hand with rosary beads. >> you told me earlier you were shaking people's hands because why? >> i wanted to pass on the blessing. i feel like if i touch anybody with this hand right now, it would -- the blessing would just flow through to them. today is my happy day. >> about 30 delegates are in rome to discuss the world meeting of families. >> several police officers are in the clear for the death of a suspect. a grand jury found the officers were justified in the death of
5:46 pm
watson in march of last year. he pulled a gun after not having enough money to pay a restaurant bill. he led officers on a chase through four towns. when the chase ended in atlantic city watson fired back killing watson. police are looking for the people who flashed a laser at a ups plane. it flew over the martinsburg air. a laser beam caught the pilot's eye. police hope someone with information will come forward. a celebration of diversity for gay pride month. this photography project is part of the mural arts program, showing face was dedicated today. members of the youth center worked together on the project. the photos have been displayed on billboards all throughout the city on bus shelters and in a book. back now to the damage from last night's storms pike creek, new castle county is one of the
5:47 pm
neighborhoods hit hard for the storms to move through about 24 hours ago. cameras found power crews hard at work. at last check, hundreds of thousands remain without power in delaware pennsylvania and new jersey. camden county's communication center was inundated. there was a 900% increase in fire calls. compared to an average day. county personnel will continue clearing storm debris over the next 48 hours. some old massive trees, have stood through so many storms of the past, were toppled by this storm. crews were cleaning up in northeast philadelphia today. cars parked in the streets and drive ways weren't safe. a lot of damage was done here but no one was hurt thankfully. there's evidence that this was the result of straight line winds, not a tornado, right? >> the weather service did put that statement out a little while ago. straight line wind damage and glenn has really been talking
5:48 pm
about it all afternoon long. maximum winds 85 miles an hour it was not a tornado in that area, but those winds were pretty much doing similar damage. but for tonight, we're seeing a nice change in the area. low humidity, dry conditions very comfortable as we go through the rest of the day today. thunderstorm threat again as we go into tomorrow. a slight risk for severe thunderstorms, mostly in delaware, it's not going to be as big of an area as it was yesterday. we do have a threat tomorrow, i'll show you that in a second. we go into the weekend, bigger changes, rainy and cool as we go into saturday and sunday. live look out at the ben franklin bridge still nice and sunny outside, 85 degrees is the temperature, humidity down to 34%. that's what's making it feel so much nicer today, dryer air is in place. allentown in the upper 70s. bensalem mid-80s. 83 millville, 82 right now in dover. for the overnight hours tonight. it's going to remain comfortable and dry, no rain in the area right now, no rain even close to
5:49 pm
us. we really have to go all the way back near chicago to find any storms. and that's actually going to be our next round of storms not a large area it's going to move in as we go through the afternoon tomorrow. here's future weather, keeps us dry the rest of today and tonight through the overnight hours, and for your morning commute. no rain around those storms. by the middle of the day, by lunchtime you will be dry. more clouds starting to move in. we go into the evening hours, 7:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, we could start to have thunderstorms flair up for delaware, parts of south jersey. so far it looks to be confined south of philadelphia at this moment. that's going to be the best chance for any severe storms tomorrow afternoon, here is the threat now where you see the yellow, that's the risk for severe storms 60 mile an hour winds, heavy rain lightning and hail can be expected as we go into those areas, mostly delaware tomorrow afternoon, we'll be tracking you and updating you on that throughout the day tomorrow as well. for tonight, mostly clear and
5:50 pm
comfortable. mid-60s philadelphia, mid to upper 50s north and west. late day thunderstorm mostly south of philadelphia 83 to 86 degrees, then we go into your weekend. we have even bigger changes coming. not the best weather to hit the beaches or the jersey shore, saturday temperature mid-70s, sunday mid-70s and both days looks like we'll be having quite a bit of rain in the forecast. especially saturday at this point. we'll be tracking that weather as we get closer as well. in the meantime we end out the week friday. 79 degrees. scattered showers staying in the forecast, more clouds around too. there comes the cool air for the weekend. low 70s, rainy across the weekend. i don't think it's going to be a constant rain we are going to have periods of rain as we go into saturday and sunday. going into next week we warm into the mid-80s. >> it's a good weekend to stay inside and do chores if we have to. alled rain lately could be adding to the mosquito population camden county is
5:51 pm
trying to stop an explosion of the pest. sprague was done early this morning in linden wald the county regularly checks suspected breeding areas and sprays as needed. if you see a mosquito problem, call the countyp. nbc10 and nbc universal are giving money to 21st century nonprofits. the application is on our website eligibility requirements are also listed there. the deadline to apply is july 3rd. a lot of people capture last night's severe weather with their cameras and cell phones. one man shows us the unforgettable video he took at the storm got closer and closer to his home.
5:52 pm
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last night's fast moving storm hit much of south jersey so hard especially down the shore on long beach island. >> many neighbors swear they saw a tornado even caught it on video here. brian thompson gives us a look. >> whatever it was, it came roaring out of the storm, almost straight at this bayside home at a photographer. >> i got hit by a gust. i got lifted up and slammed into the doorjamb right here and fell
5:55 pm
into the house. >> this is a tornado. >> he kept shooting as debris flew in front of the camera. this day after, the debris was in the trees, a downed bbq, a table half torn to shreds. and then there's a story of this boat. very briefly you can see it fly by in slow motion. >> it lifted straight up. straight up. and then that way. that way was burst into this balcony railing. the debris flying into a second house, mangling gutters and then unbelievably into a third neighboring house, leaving pock marks in the siding twisting other siding. flipping a rooftop skylight into the drive way. >> it's just like kansas. >> dave holland couldn't believe it a boat had come out of nowhere, damaging his air conditioner. now just twisted debris at the end of his drive way. a mystery to him and his wife
5:56 pm
edye. >> i've been asking everyone going to the beach, my neighbors, did anybody lose a boat? they think i'd be joking. >> this burst of wind was strong enough to throw people back to lift boats. what came out of these ominous looking clouds. >> i saw a circular motion. the difference between the tornado and a waterspout i'm not really sure. >> tornado, gustnado waterspout or micro burst, we may never know. as of now, the national weather service tells me it is not cenning a survey crew here to try to find out more. brian thompson nbc10 news. >> coming up next cleaning up and restoring power. stores damage homes and families without power. we have coverage next. tonight's going to be nice and dry, but i'm tracking what's ahead for tomorrow and some of you could see another round of storms. and your weekend looks soggy
5:57 pm
too. your first alert forecast is next. selling philadelphia as a vacation destination. the push to international travelers even after the pope's trip here. next at 6:00. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face.
5:58 pm
then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. right now at 6:00 a large path of destruction. homes damaged. >> we grabbed our pets went
5:59 pm
down and a few minutes later there's a big boom. >> trees ripped out of the ground. no power and no cell phone service. tens of thousands wait for power. >> i'm out of luck. and i just went shopping. >> count on nbc10 to give you a tour of the devastation. >> good evening, i'm jim rosen field. >> i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> we have team coverage in montgomery delaware chester and gloucester counties tonight. >> we start with doug shimell in delaware county where there is a state of emergency. brookhaven and delaware county declaring states of emergency, strictly because of scenes like this all around brookhaven all around the county. and, of course it's not just homes, it is businesses as well. with no power, no pizza, no pizza, no customers, and it could be days before many of brookhaven's businesses and storm victims get electricity
6:00 pm
back. >> you're not supposed to be out, our guys are being diligent and we're lighting up the community and trying to keep everyone in check. >> the massive generators at iowa and giant were the only hope now that peco says it will not be providing dry ice to preserve food. that was only one of the problems facing the willworth family. a councilman who has to fix his own house and a broken borough. >> people are bringing food coming up and bringing us doughnuts. people i don't even know. >> there were traffic jams and chainsawing. like the grace church of god in chester, they bent but didn't break. brookhaven's police chief says there's a limited curfew in effect given the declaration of an emergency. the owner of this home says last night, he spent the evening in his drive way guarding his house. likely many other businesses and


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